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apoptOS-Series-1: Introduction

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Whether or not you already are familiar with apoptOS, this blog post will talk about the project itself and what you can expect from this series. Enjoy the ride!

What is apoptOS?

apoptOS an open source project currently only developed by myself, Yves Vollmeier aka Tix3Dev. It’s a modern x86_64 UNIX-like microkernel-based operating system written in C and Assembly. The main purpose of it in general is to help me understand computers better whilst having fun, as I like building stuff :D

Especially I want to understand the following topics better:

  • Microkernels
  • UNIX-like systems
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging (IPC)
  • Syscalls
  • Userland
  • ELF
  • Filesystems

What is this series about?

In this series of blog posts, I will document milestones regarding the development of apoptOS and my learning process. This will include the topics mentioned above.

NOTE: All the blog posts are treated as snapshots in time, meaning I won’t update e.g. a list of features currently available.


Milestone - Memory management

About Yves Vollmeier

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Hey there! 👋 My name is Yves aka Tix3Dev.
I am a 16 year old computer science/engineering enthusiast from Switzerland.
Currently, I am really passionate about OSDev.
My interests aren't just limited to programming but rather STEM as a whole.